only good eats

sustainability-centered food for everybody

Food should be as good for you as it is for the planet.

It should be sustainably grown, responsibly produced, and from growers that care. Food that’s clean, fresh, wholesome, and almost entirely certified organic. 

Tomato Eats is about taking the best nature provides, and making food so good you feel it in your cells. 

To get there, it takes the right ingredients, inspired cooking, and serving it up fresh and from scratch.

gathering the ingredients

We follow the same exacting standards as our parent company, Castro Valley Natural Grocery. We use only organic produce. Our dairy, meats, and other animal products are sustainably raised and ethically sourced. Everything else contains only natural ingredients and nothing synthetic, artificial, or unnecessary.

If we don’t sell it in our store, we won’t feed it to you.

bringing it all together

Our menu covers a broad range of dishes with choices for every body. We have salads, sides, soups, sandwiches, roasted chickens, and some sweets too. 

Tomato Eats produces food for every diet and desire. Some dishes are familiar and comforting, others are riffs on the classics, and some are inspired creations from our cooks. 

All are elevated with the attention to ingredients, balanced flavors, and consistency of preparation.

And almost everything is made in-house including our salad dressings and stocks.

Tomato Castro Valley Basil Pecan Sandwich Plated

 eat real food

Food is best when it’s fresh. We put great care in the selection of our ingredients and our team brings their tremendous culinary expertise to get the most out of our dishes.

We’re in our on-site kitchen every day making up food to enjoy here, at home, or on our paseo.

Whether you need an uplifting snack, a lunch to get you through the day, or a whole meal for your home; we’ve got you covered. All in an easy, open, accessible, and friendly environment.