Clean Earthy Eats

this is real food.

fresh salad custom made castro valley

Tomato is now partially open in the Castro Valley Marketplace. We are currently serving up pre-packaged sandwiches, salads, roasted chicken, hot soup, and custom-crafted salads .

We’re from the same people who brought you Castro Valley and Alameda Natural Grocery, and that means we will have the same superior quality assurances for you.

Tomato uses only 100% organic produce, humanely-raised, nitrate free, ethical meat, eggs, cheese and dairy. In short; the cleanest, freshest, healthiest, and most sustainably produced food you’ll find in Castro Valley.

Someday, Tomato will be a full-service prepared foods counter and eatery while also suppling packaged to-go eats.

current menu



ingredient standards

All produce is organic.


All meat & dairy products are ethically and humanely raised.


All meat & dairy used is, at minimum, all-natural, and free of nitrates, hormones, antibiotics & artificial ingredients.


Our eggs are from free-range, veg-fed hens.

All other ingredients adhere to the strict product standards of Castro Valley Natural Grocery. If we wouldn’t sell it in our store, we won’t feed it to you.

You can enjoy knowing you will NOT find any of the following in our prepared foods.

No chemically processed foods
No synthetic ingredients, fillers, sweeteners or additives
No hydrogenated oil (no trans fats)

No non-organic refined white sugar
No products containing monosodium
No chemical food coloring
No chemical preservatives

This means, at a minimum, all of our good are at least all-natural. It’s our preference and we primarily sell only certified organic goods. We strive to keep the food fresh, locally produced, Non-GMO certified and minimally processed when possible.

All animal products sold at Castro Valley Natural Grocery come from producers who are committed to raising their animals in humane standards, and that provide their goods in the way nature intended.

More to come.